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Special interview feature: Kate Elizabeth Stoneacre

So after procrastinating for months, I finally got around to interviewing my very first author! It is my pleasure to introduce all of you to a friend of mine, Kate Elizabeth Stoneacre, author of the fantasy novel, The Lost Princess. And if you love fantasy, you'll be excited to know that you can grab Kate's book in a giveaway being hosted, the link to which will be at the bottom of the post. Here is the summary of the book:

Laurel is a fourteen year old homeschooler with a seemingly perfect life. However, when her grandmother goes delusional and starts speaking utter nonsense, Laurel’s world flip-flops. Questions are raised, and she finds herself thrown into Tranquility, to the kingdom of Calma where she must confront a tyrannical king. Samuel is the twelve year old prince of Calma. His father is the king, and tries to make Samuel into the same kind of prince as he is a king. However, Samuel’s mother Elizabeth taught him in the ways of Elohim, and to do the right thing. Can Laurel set right the kingdom of Calma? Can Samuel find the courage of Elohim to stand up to his father? Can a young elf named Soddriel find in his heart to forgive his enemies? With courage in their hearts, and the words of Elohim on their tongues, goodness is sure to triumph. Revolution is at hand.” - The Lost Princess

 Kate has graciously agreed to my request to interview her, so without any further ado, here we go. :)


Kate, welcome to A Dark Wolf’s Haunt and thank you for joining us here! So to start things off, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself? What are your favorite hobbies and how would you describe your personality?

Kate: Hi, JM, and thank you for having me! My favorite hobbies, aside from writing, are reading, singing, acting in musicals, and dancing! I love to have a good time, and I love being around people.

What inspired you to get into writing? How did you start your journey to getting published?

Kate: The first person who inspired me to write was Mr. Dewalt. Over the summer one year, he taught a short class to all the kids about writing, and it piqued my interest. However, I didn’t finish my first novel until NaNoWriMo 2013. After I finished The Lost Princess, I contacted a friend of mine who helped edit my novel, and I self-published through Createspace. 

What provides the inspiration for your stories, and what source would you say is the biggest influence on your writing?

Kate: I get a lot of my inspiration from my own crazy dreams, and other novels I’ve read. I guess listening to soundtracks really influences my writing, as well as suggestions from my friends and family. :)

Which author’s work do you admire the most and why?

Kate: I really admire the works of C.S. Lewis. All of his books are well written. And have theological truths in them without sounding ridiculous and preachy. 

Of the entire writing process, what are your favorite and least favorite parts?

Kate: My favorite part is coming up with fun characters, and an interesting plot. My least favorite part is midway through the story because I’m way past point A, but I don’t know quite how to make it to point B.

So, what we all have been eagerly wanting to know, tell us about The Lost Princess. How long did it take you to develop the story, and did you encounter any challenges with writing it?

Kate: I actually started developing the main story idea for The Lost Princess May of 2013. It was the third novel I had started writing, but this time I was determined to see it through till the end. I searched writing templates, and write the first two chapters. In August, I tossed everything but the Prologue, and the main character and started over, with help from a few of my best friends. Once the story idea was developed, and characters outlined, I decided to stop working on The Lost Princess, and save it for my first eve NaNoWriMo.  It wasn’t always easy, and often you would find me up at 3am, racking my brain for a good subplot, or asking my mother “What lies beyond the Glas sea” but after a lot of hard work, supportive friends and family, and way more coffee than any human being should consume in their lifetime, The Lost Princess was finished… Until editing began, which I will not go into now.

Of all the characters in The Lost Princess, which one, if any, do you think best matches your own personality?

Kate: I fashioned most of Laurel’s personality after my own, although I’m not sure I’d have the courage to do all the things she did. However, I also find that I am a lot like Aidan, who actually happens to be my favorite character in my novel.

What story are you actively working on now?

Kate: I am currently writing Forgotten Dream, which is my second ever novel. However, I have already begun planning for my NaNo14 novel, False Light, both under the pseudonym Katie Kessler.

For our enjoyment, would you mind sharing a piece from The Lost Princess with us? 

Kate: Absolutely! Here is one of my favorite parts of the novel.

From The Lost Princess

“Laurel, get up. I need you to free me.” Aidan said urgently. I stood up and pulled my knife, cutting the ropes that bound Aidan. As soon as he was freed, I fell to my knees again. 
“Laurel, we have to go.” Aidan said. 
“What about the others?” There is nothing we can do about them now,” He said, his voice choking up. “They’re dead.” He lifted me to my feet. “Come, we have to go quickly, they’ll be back soon.” 
“Who?” I asked, walking quickly with Aidan. 
“The men who did this.” 
“Why did they leave me?” I asked. 
“We were the bait. They wanted you, but first they wanted to break your heart. They left me alive knowing I would call to you.” I stopped
“Then why did you call?” 
“Simple. I knew you couldn’t escape without my help. Much less find the cure for your brother.” 
“How do you know?” Aidan looked me in the eyes. 
“Laurel. Do you trust me?” He asked. 
“Yes,” I replied. 
“Then trust me to know that you couldn’t have done it alone.” We heard shout behind us, and we started to run. “Get back here you scum!” a voice yelled behind us. I tripped and fell, hitting my head. I began to pass out, “Laurel, you can’t pass out.” Aidan said. “Laurel, Laurel, LAUREL!”


Thank you so much, Kate, for sharing that exciting piece with us! Definitely we are looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future.
So folks, if you are looking for some exciting fantasy, head on over to the link below to enter the giveaway for the chance to win this amazing story. 

The Lost Princess

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