Monday, December 30, 2013


At long last, I finally got some time to write up another post on here. My book, The Dark Wolf, recently got published and made available for sale! After many months of rewrites and editing, I am so happy that all the work is finally done!
Currently, I am working on getting the e-book version ready, which I am happy to say has been formatted perfectly and will be up soon in a few days. If you're interested in looking inside the book, just head on over to Amazon. As soon as the e-book is available, I will post the link on here.


Journey to the land of Elser—a realm of men, elves, and dellfins. Despite the old hostility between men and elves, an uneasy peace has reigned for over a century. But now all that is about to change.

Darvir is a man without a past, family, or friends. Exploited by those who use his strange abilities for their own gain, all Darvir has ever known is a life of slavery and bloodshed. 

Elaine is intelligent, beautiful—a daughter of kings, yet she is an embarrassment and disgrace to her family for going against tradition and wanting to know the truth. Exiled to a remote part of the kingdom, she languishes there in seclusion until a deadly menace forces her to flee. 

When the paths of these two people cross, they are thrust into a web of peril and sorcery against impossible odds. As Darvir and Elaine both struggle to survive the myriad of dangers before them, an ancient evil is stirring and preparing to unleash a power against which neither man, elf, or dellfin can hope to prevail.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Writer's Tag

I have gotten tagged by Trista Vaporblade. To complete this tag, I must come up with four to six signs of being a writer without knowingly copying anyone else, and then tag as many other bloggers as I want. So without any further ado…

1. When you watch a movie and in your head you’re rewriting the plot.

2. When you stay awake past midnight formulating ideas.

3. When you hunt for pics on the internet that might inspire you with a new story.

4. When you walk around the room aimlessly because you’re not able to write.

5. When you listen to music, and inwardly, you’re thinking up of a story that fits the tune.

6. When you practice fighting in your room so you can better describe fight scenes.

And there you have it. :) Now I tag: