Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chapter One Preview: Part Three

And here is the last part of the first chapter I'll be posting. To read the full chapter, you access it here: The Dark Wolf


Through a spell he kept on Darvir's mind, Ruval created a painful sensation throughout his body. It was not strong enough to incapacitate him, but it would certainly remind Darvir of his power and the additional punishment Ruval could give him if he chose to rebel.

For a few seconds, Darvir held his ground before breaking eye contact and turning away. “One day you will no longer be able to hold me with that, and when that day comes, you will have no choice but to face me.” Darvir stalked away, slamming the door behind him.

Ruval swore and tightened his fist on the goblet, crushing it in his grasp before tossing it into the fire. He had withdrawn his presence from Darvir's mind, but it was an effort not to inflict him with more than just a simple ache for his little show of defiance. He still required Darvir to complete this mission, but something needed to be done with him after this was over. Darvir was starting to become a bother and not worth the effort to control. It might just be time to get rid of him. Permanently.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Chapter One Preview: Part Two

And here is a second part. Third and last part I will be posting later. Enjoy. :)


Ruval turned his gaze towards the hearth and did not look as the door opened quietly and soft footsteps came towards him. “What took you so long?” Ruval demanded. “Almost fifteen minutes passed before you showed.”

“I apologize for the delay,” a deep voice answered. “I was outside when I got your summons and came as quickly as I could.”
“So you say,” Ruval said wryly. “I‟m sure you spared no time in getting here, assuming you made the effort.”

There was no answer from the speaker. Ruval sighed and waved him forward. “Stop lurking in the background, Darvir, and get over here. I have a task that needs immediate attention.”

A tall brooding man dressed in the same black attire from head to toe came into view. Thick dark hair fell around a face as hard and unreadable as flint, and eyes as blue as the ocean stared at Ruval with a cold light. “What is it?” he asked evenly.

Ruval ignored the undercurrent of irritation he sensed in Darvir‟s voice and leaned back in his chair. “I need you to leave for the Farrand Hills today. You know where that is, correct?”


“Good. You have maybe two days to get there before a band of riders pass through and join a larger force. I want the smaller band eliminated—every single one of them before they reach the other group. When you are finished, check the saddlebags of a white horse with brown patches on its front legs. You should find a small wooden chest with silver engraved on it. Take nothing else but that, and bring it to me.”

“I see,” Darvir said coldly, his blue eyes flashing with barely suppressed anger. “Another trinket to add to your collection. Why can't I just steal it when they stop to camp for the night?”

Ruval clenched his fist tighter around the goblet. The boy was definitely growing bolder to question his orders. Ordinarily, he would have given Darvir a sharp reprimand to remind him of whom he was dealing with, but Ruval did not care to waste precious time waiting for Darvir to recover when he had such an important task waiting for him to take care of.
Ruval held his temper in check and took another sip of his wine. “I have been monitoring their pace, and seeing as they have not stopped for more than a couple of hours at the most when night comes, I sincerely doubt they will change now, especially when they are so close to their destination. It will be easier to obtain the chest once they arrive at the Farrand Hills.”

“And after I deliver this chest to you, then what?”

“Then you do what you have always done. Wait until I have something else to use you for.”

“What if I don't want to be used anymore?”
Ruval glanced up sharply at Darvir. “That is hardly my concern. Now stop wasting time and get moving.”


Ruval froze, unsure if he had heard him correctly. “What did you say?”

“I said, no,” Darvir repeated grimly. His face was set determinedly, and Ruval could see the open defiance in his gaze.

“I don't care about your schemes,” Darvir continued, “and I'm tired of being your personal hound that you set loose on whomever you feel like.”

Ruval was on his feet in an instant, the sudden movement spilling his wine and knocking the chair to the floor. “I don't care what you want, nor am I interested in your feelings,” he snarled. He glared at Darvir with disgust. “Look at you. The power and skill you possess is beyond what any man or even an elf could attain, yet you not only do not care, you would not even use it if I didn't make you.”

“It is something I never wanted.”

“Yes,” Ruval sneered. “I know what it is that you desire. A family, friends—things that only weak, sentimental fools crave.”

“Then I am one of those fools,” Darvir said harshly. “They certainly possess more and live a better life than I do. At least they are free to choose their destiny instead of being bound to serve one man's will.”

Ruval felt his face beginning to grow hot from the rage seething inside him, and he struggled to control himself from physically lashing out at Darvir. “You have wasted enough of my time for today. Now get going and bring me the chest.”

“And if I refuse?” Darvir‟s hands were clenched into tight fists, and he stood there boldly, almost as if daring Ruval to make a move against him. Even though he would not have minded thrashing the boy for his insolence, Ruval could not let anger dictate his actions when so much was at stake.

“If you wish to try rebelling again, I will have to give you another lesson in obedience,” Ruval growled. “I am your master and whether you like it or not, you are mine to command, and you will obey me.”

Monday, May 12, 2014

Chapter One Preview: Part One

I was determined to not miss posting this month, and I succeeded. In this one, I'm giving all of you a look at the first chapter of my book, The Dark Wolf, to read and enjoy. Feel free to leave your opinions and views below. I will post a second part of the chapter later on.


Shadows danced around in a room lit only by dying flames that sputtered weakly in the hearth of a massive fireplace. For several moments, they struggled to keep aflame, but slowly they began to fade until only smoldering embers glinted faintly in the ashes, leaving the room in darkness.

A small red light bloomed to life a few paces away from the hearth, chasing away some of the darkness. It flickered twice before its glow steadied and grew stronger.

The darkness before it parted as a shadow detached itself, gradually morphing into a tall man-shaped figure. It approached the source of the red light—a dark red orb as large as a child‟s toy and set in a niche atop a stone hewn stand—and watched multi-colored pinpricks of light dance across the orb's glassy surface, gradually coalescing into the forms of mounted soldiers.

There were seven of them, each wearing black armor and a dark red cloak with the insignia of a black eagle on their shoulder. They were coated with grime and appeared exhausted, but they rode without pause through a curtain of rain.

The orb continued to show their progress for several minutes more before the scene faded and the light in the orb slowly dimmed, leaving the room in pitch darkness once more.

It fled as drapes along the wall were pulled back, allowing the fading afternoon light to stream in through the beveled window panes and upon the man called Ruval.

He was clothed in a plain black tunic and pants. Thick blond hair edged with grey at the temples was brushed back, revealing a broad face etched with deep, cruel lines. Cold blue eyes watched the dark clouds in the sky that were growing larger.

Ruval eyed the clouds with a frown and turned away, not perturbed by the sight. It would be a little while yet before the storm arrived, but it mattered not. The weather would not hinder his plans from going forward.

At last, it will be mine, he thought eagerly. It had taken many years of waiting and searching, but now everything was coming together exactly as he had planned.

Ruval stepped towards a heavy table, darkened with age, on which stood a tall pitcher and a plain bronze goblet. He poured some wine into the goblet before striding over to the fireplace to grab a chunk of wood and toss it into the hearth.

Ruval stirred the ashes with a poker, sending a torrent of sparks flying upward in a lazy spiral almost hypnotizing in their ascent as they glowed brightly for a brief second before winking out. Eventually a small flame flickered weakly and soon grew in strength as it hungrily devoured the wood.

Ruval set the poker back in its place at the hearth‟s side before sitting down in a large black chair. He glanced impatiently at the doors to his left. What was taking the boy so long? He had mind-called him before leaving his study, which would have given him plenty of time to arrive about now if he hurried.

Ruval sipped his wine and drummed the fingers of his right hand irritably on the chair's armrest. Of all the times to dawdle, the boy had to choose today. He used to be more punctual when he had first arrived, fear keeping him from doing anything that might displease him, but over the years, Ruval had watched that fear slowly abate. It was something he was not pleased to see.

After several minutes had passed, a firm knock echoed outside the chamber‟s door, causing Ruval to glance at it crossly. Finally, it had taken him long enough. “Enter,” he commanded.