Thursday, April 23, 2015

Crown of Ravens Unleashed!!!

It took some time, but at long last, I can finally announce that the second book in The Heart of Light Trilogy, Crown of Ravens, is published! Links are below description for any of you to order from Amazon.


In a world of proud elves, haughty kings, mythical beasts and terrifying nightmares, the power of evil has never been more deadly. Only the Azmaril, symbol of Elosha's Light, stands as a silent beacon to give hope to the hopeless.

Elaine has lost everything she cherished and loved. Her home is in ruins, her family lies cold in their graves, and the man she loves has disappeared and could possibly never return. Battling both despair and grief, Elaine is forced to put aside her own inner turmoil and rally for the sake of her country and the entire realm. As the power of the Azmordan is unleashed and darkness begins to spread across the skies, Elaine looks to the tales behind the Crown of Ravens and the source that gave rise to the legend. With little hope of success or guidance and trying desperately to hold onto her faith, she and her friends begin a dangerous journey into the accursed Shadow Forest—a journey Zar’ul himself is determined to stop. 

Darvir has faced more than any man can endure. He’s survived the Death Circles, slavery and mental torture under Ruval, The Brotherhood of Hallomon, and even a deadly hound of the Shadow. But separated from Elaine and faced with the possibility of never returning to her could be the breaking point. Journeying to the homeland of his father, he is confronted with the decision to either accept his destiny and the One behind it or allow himself to fall into the Darkness waiting to engulf him.

Faith and forgiveness, love and death, all weave together in a tapestry that enfolds two people whose choices will either save their world or doom it to eternal dominion under the Shadow.