Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Best Buddies Blogging Award

So I've been tagged by ladies Trista Vaporblade and Rayne Speryll for the Best Buddies Blogging Award.
 The rules: 

You must post to show the award on your main blog.
You must tag the person who nominated you, in your post.
You must tag all of your best buddies, and those whom you want to become best buddies with, who, to your knowledge, have not been nominated, for this award.
You must ask your buddies at least fifteen questions on your post.
You must answer all of the questions your buddies ask you. On your post.

Okay, here's to the answering of the questions from Trista:

1) Do you write better on a deadline by yourself or with others on the same deadline as yourself?

By myself, defintely.

2) What was your first story? Not like first book or novel, but first story ever? 

My first story... That would be the Storm Chronicles, which I wrote when I was just a toddler. I can't remember how old I was then, but I was just a little tyke. It was very much influenced by The Pendragon Cycle series by Stephen Lawhead which I was a huge fan of then. The story was about roughly five or six pages, of which I then wrote a sequel to.

3) What's your favorite kind of posts to see on the blogs you follow? 

Either updates on superhero films/comics, or reviews on fantasy books.

4) How many blogs do you have?

Two. I alternate between them, so sometimes one will get posted on more than the other until I get back to it.

5) How many blogs do you follow? (Yes...I can't think of questions. XD) 

Hmmmm....I can't give an exact number, but it's probably close to twenty.

6) In this past year (2014) how /about/ how many words did you write? 

Hard to say, but I think roughly over one hundred and fifty thousand.

7)  can you suggest one blog you think readers should follow?

Yes. I think mine is a great one to follow. XD, just kidding. Seriously, I'd suggest my friend Trista's blog:  She's got lots of neat stuff on there.

8) Have you/will you self-publish? Why/when?

Yes, I'm a self-published author. My main reasons were because I didn't want to go through the hassle and time of finding an agent, and then go through the whole process of hoping and waiting for a publisher to take a chance on me. Work is really the biggest thing you have to go through when you self-publish, and let's face it, life itself is work, so why fuss? I figure if I got God to help me, then I'm all set.

9) Have you ever traced your ancestry? 

No. I already know enough, and some things are best to just forget and move on.

10) Have you ever reasearched something for a novel? What and why?

Many times, although I probably did more for the book I'm working on now than my first one. Igloos were something I did a little research on, because a section of the story dealt with people living in a cold wasteland, so I needed a little knowledge on how the igloos were designed for living purposes. Frostbite was another thing, as I had very little knowledge of it, and since one of the characters gets it, I wanted to make sure it was as accurate as possible.

11)  Do you tend to write in random spurts or on a more scheduled time frame? 

My time schedule is so erractic, I have to write randomly. 

12) What was your favorite book you read this year (2014) ? 

I'd say that would be Moonblood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. Yes, I admit it, I'm a Goldstone fan. ;)

13) What are your goals for next year's (2015) writing?

My goal is a very ambitious one: finish The Heart of Light Trilogy. I got one final book to finish and then I will have completed my first series. Any further writing gets put on hold until that is done. 

14) In all, how many writing documents do you have on your computer, finished as well as unfinished? 

Not a lot, actually. I'm a guy who likes to focus on one project at a time and finish it before tackling another. I got perhaps six or seven, most of which are just random stories to post online.

15) If one book you've read or written could become a movie, which stayed true to the book, which one would you choose?

I'd have to choose the first book I wrote, The Dark Wolf. It's an awesome story I would love to see made into a big budget, live action film. That would be the icing on the cake for me.

(And now for Rayne's questions!)

1.  What is your favorite part about blogging?

I think it's posting random thoughts and watching people's reactions to them.

2.  What is your favorite genre of music?

I don't know if it fits a genre, but I prefer movie soundtracks. Most of the music of today, Christian included, is like flushing your toilet, to put it bluntly. Leastways that's how I see it. With some movie soundtracks, I can actually get a piece that's great to listen to.

3.  If you had to choose another time period to live in, which era would you choose?

Oh, if only that was a wish that came true. I'd pick the '70s in a heartbeat. I love the disco era and when things were a whole lot classier than they are now. If I could, I'd travel back in time and never come back.

4.  If you could go back in time to meet any historical figure, who would you want to meet?

Personally, there's no one in history I would bother wasting energy on to meet except Jesus. He's only one I'd want to meet, and then I could finally give Him that big hug I've been saving for Him. :)

5.  If I said the word "faerie", what would be the first thing to come to your mind?

Goldstone Wood. XD

6.  Are mermaids charming, friendly creatures who rescue you from shipwrecks and fall in love with the prince-  Or are they dangerous predators who cause the shipwrecks? What is your opinion?

Personally, I've never thought of mermaids as deadly creatures. It's just an image I can't fit with them.

7.  If you were a color, what would you be?

How about green like the Hulk? :D

8.  What are your thoughts on foreshadowing in fiction?  Do you like it, or does it just distract you?

Never really thought about it, so I'd say it was no problem.

9.  If you discovered you had superpowers, what would you do?  

*wicked laugh* Let's just say there would be a lot fewer bad guys cluttering up this world's sphere.

10.  Moving on from that question, if you found out there were others like you, what would you do then?

I suppose I would have to find out if they were a threat or not, and then I'd inquire as to how we all got these powers.

11.  If you were given the opportunity to travel into space for one week, would you do it? You're allowed to take two people with you. (All-expense-paid trip, of course!)

The adventurous part would like to say yes, but I think I'd pass. Besides, I know of nobody else I could take with me XD.

12.  Picture this: You're lost in a magical wood, when you are suddenly attacked by a band of shadowy creatures.  You flee, but you cannot run fast enough and they soon overtake you.  Just as you think you are finished, two figures come to your rescue out of nowhere.  One is an elf ranger with white-blond hair and forest-colored garb.  The other is tall and imposing, wearing long black robes.  His hair is wild and dark, his face is horribly scarred, and his eyes glow red.  After dispensing with the shadow-creatures, the elf urges you to come with him, saying that you are in great danger and they've been waiting for you for a long time.  The red-eyed man warns you that the elf is a liar who is trying to kill you. Red Eyes tell you that you should go with him instead, because he's your only way out of the forest alive.  Elf Ranger places himself protectively between you and Red Eyes.  They're ready to fight each other- probably to the death.  It's clear that you'll have to be the one to make the choice.  Who do you trust?

That's a tough one. The natural thing would be to go with the elf ranger, but one should never go by looks. I suppose I'd just pray to God for wisdom and make both the elf and red-eyed man accompany me until I knew who was on the up and up.

13.  Wow, that last one was a long question.  Sorry about that!  Here's an easy one.  What is your favorite day of the week?

Any day is my favorite day so long as God is in it. 

14.  If you could be in one of the new Star Wars movies, who would you want to be?

None, since I'm not a Star Wars' fan. 

15.  If you could go inside any book/movie and save one character, who would you want to save?  (This doesn't necessarily mean their life.  It could mean their loyalty, their innocence, freedom, or even soul!)

Karen from The Dragons in our Midst and Oracles of Fire series by Bryan Davis.

Thanks to both Trista and Rayne for tagging me. I can't really think of anyone I know who has not been tagged by now, except one:

1. If it was in your power to visit any fairy tale realm, which would you choose?

2. In writing, which emotions do you most connect with and why?

3. Say you are granted god-like abilities, as well as immortality, but you are given the choice to either reside in a bleak realm of nothingness where you can see and affect life on Earth, or live as a wraith among man. Which would you choose?

4. A matter arises in which a person has been seriously injured and is handicapped for life, and  he now has to live for the rest of his life in unbearable agony. You know who it is who hurt him and are given the power to either end the suffering of the man or slay the one who hurt him. What choice would you make, and why do you think it is right?  

5.  If you could have one wish that would last forever, what would you wish for?

6. Given the choice between either living alone in space or as a slave among an alien race that mistrusts you, which would you pick?

7. What is your favorite fantasy creature and why?

8. Of all the books you've read in life, which has had the most impact on your life and writing?

9. What person inspires you the most in life?

10. If you could enter the story of LOTR and affect one event in there that would change things completely, which one would you pick?

11. If you could become any character you wanted, who would you want to be and why?

12. Given the choice of either becoming a member of the Avengers or the Justice League, which one would you make?

13. Which genre do you favor writing in the most?

14. Which holiday is favorite?

15. Which do you like more, tagging or answering tags?

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